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Health Supplements

  • How do I know if I need a health supplement?

    Human body requires lot of supplements in order to stay fit. Although, there are many dietary supplements in the market but make sure that your supplements should include minerals, vitamins, botanicals and herbs. You can get an assurance that you are consuming essential nutrients to promote your optimal health or performance. Generally, there is no side-effect of health supplements so anybody can take it. Also, there is no chemical process involved in the conclusion of green coffee seeds. So, anybody can use it without any worry. You are advised to buy only FSSAI approved products from an authentic seller.

  • What are the advantages of taking supplements?

    Although the majority of population is living in developed nations so they consume a balanced diet. But only proper diet is not enough, there are certain situations when our body needs specific vitamin pills and multivitamin. Use of multivitamins decrease the chances of neural tube defects in pregnant women. Moreover, these health supplements also helps in preventing cancer or heart diseases. Similarly, consumption of Vitamin A reduces the death rates in children so use of supplements is safe and beneficial for children as well as adults also.

  • What does food supplement do to the body?

    Food supplements mean the concentrated nutrients source which are taken as a dietary top-up. These supplements include vitamins which have proven results in heart health. Moreover, minerals like iron can help in preventing anaemia. These vitamins and supplements include nutrients that are required for the human body. These supplements are required for fragile bones. Add use of multivitamins with food variety like fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meat in your diet to keep your bones strong and body healthy.

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  • How Garcinia cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract work together for weight loss?

    Both the products have different composition so there is no safety issue in its consumption. Garcinia cambogia is used to add a sour flavor to soups or curries. One of the major benefits of Garcinia Cambogia is weight loss. Whereas green coffee beans result in the weight loss or liver cleansing abilities. The other benefits of green coffee beans and garcinia cambogia are that these are energy booster and also lowers the blood pressure.

  • Do I need supplements to lose weight

    Yes, supplements can reduce your weight to a great extent. Moreover, if you are physically active and thinking that there is no need of supplements then it’s your mistake. As too much physical activities are not possible in the modern lifestyle so dietary supplements are helpful for weight loss. These weight loss supplements include ingredients like minerals or herbs in various combinations and available in the market in various forms like powders, liquids and tablets etc. Regular consumption of these supplements can cure, treat, diagnose or prevent a disease. There is no magic to keep body healthy, usage of supplements and physical activities results in a healthy body.

  • Which supplement is best for weight loss?

    Different people have different opinions about the best weight loss supplement. But the most common supplements are Garcinia cambogia or green coffee extract. It helps in increasing fat oxidation so fat cells speed up the metabolism process. If a user is looking for supplement with 50% EGCG and over 85% polyphenols for the good burn. Moreover, belly fat can be reduced by regular exercise as it will reduce the risk of diseases also. But don't skip your meal to reduce weight as your body will become weak. Eat fibrous food and drink plenty of water with the regular usage of multivitamins which is good for health, hair and skin.